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Why Are Catholic Workers
At These Demonstrations?

In addition to the obvious SERVICE of helping each other meet basic needs, we are compelled to the work of RESISTANCE to the domination system. The Works of Mercy directly contradict the more popular works of war. A minor sample of four arenas of peacemaking in North America are these:
Stop All US Wars
Oil Pipelines
Weaponized Drones
Nuclear Weapons Systems

The living creatures, human families, and law-enforcers need to pay attention to the spiritual sickness constantly brewed up by drone assassination teams, radioactive weaponry, high tech dehumanization and oil extraction. It will take all of us to reverse the climate chaos continually brewing at the behest of the industrial growth society. Many common activities must be curtailed IMMEDIATELY to protect future generations, and our current population on the planet. Together we can love each other enough to stop all computerized, robotic, high-tech warfare, US terrorism, the fossil fuel industries, and production of nuclear waste (including nuclear weapons work).

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